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Pink locks don’t lead to a life of failure…When I was 16 all my friends were getting sent home from school for dying their hair outrageous colours.  My best friend Julia was one girl with a serious penchant for anarchy. She was always coming to school with a head of green or pink hair, one side shaved or wildly chopped and being swiftly sent home to wait until it washed out.  Julia and I used to venture into the city to buy fudge hair dye and then, whilst  back at her house with her head bowled over the bathroom sink, I stood over trying to ensure she didn’t end up with a green face as well.
I tried it myself once, dying a few clumps of my long blond hair pink, although my mother fell over herself with fear I was turning to punk, drugs and ultimately the dark side and banned me for life, instilling me with the fear that colourful dyed hair leads to a life of failure.
Now a decade later, at Paris, NY and London fashion week, girls everywhere seemed to be dying their locks again.  But it seems it is less anarchical and grungy, and more angelic this decade.  Everyone’s doing it - from fashion editors to students to kids on the street to designers putting dyed locks into their shows.
I was tempted, after spotting Katie Shillingford looking regularily dreamy, to do a soft pink wash, but sometimes a Mothers words are hard to shake.
Luisa Le Voguer Couyet, student, London Fashion Week